Monday, February 28, 2011

Let me just put your 10-page birth plan in my "circular" file...

Saw a new OB the other day. Wanted some answers as to my bear-trap-like cervix that would not release little Parker. He was really nice. He was who the midwives thought was on duty when they called ahead that day. Turns out he just had the same last name. I didn't have a better recommendation than their excitement when they thought it was him, so three months later, I made an appt with him. I would have gone to the nice lady who cut my baby out of me, but I wonder if we have too much baggage between us...

So he thinks my pelvis is a little on the narrow side, and 8 pounds is a little on the average side, and, just spitballing, thinks maybe the baby wasn't descended far enough to put that pressure on the cervix to get it to dilate. So maybe more a function of the baby than my cervix after all. But this sounds a lot like the "dystocia" talk I've been so engrained to mistrust. whatever. It's kind of making sense.

He said I don't necessarily have to plan for a csection next time, although there are appealing aspects - you're not exhausted, you're well prepared, no one is freaking out... I'm finally listening and hearing these arguments. But he says I should try for a vbac if I want to. There are new recommendations from ACOG, and he actually does do vbacs, which is why he is popular with his patients. A lot of OBs might say they do vbacs, but then don't really. He really does them.

I say what I'm envisioning is maybe try labor for 8 hours and see if I make any progress at all. He likes this plan and says with a patient like me, he's more than happy with that. Its the women who come in here and tell him that they will not feel fulfilled as a woman unless they push a baby out their vagina - those women scare him on vbacs because when its time to do the csection they will fight him tooth and nail, and that puts him in a horrible position. He could get sued either way with a woman like that. Think about it.

So it turns out the more you insist on a vbac and dig in your heels and pine for one... the less doctors want to work with you.

Me... at this point it seems like the proper thing to try as plan A. Its still best for the baby, best for my recovery time... its the way things are supposed to be. But I'm not eager to repeat my last labor experience. If after 8 hours it seems likely we're headed to endless, fruitless pain with a knife at the end, lets cut straight to the knife. It was not. that. bad.

But I'm wayyy ahead of myself here. I came in for an IUD to prevent this all from happening for awhile... Is an IUD crunchy? I have no idea. I think crunchy is charting and taking your temp all the time... Well... we're getting an IUD.

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