Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bravado Designs

These people want to sell you a nursing bra, but they also have some fantastic and very practical breastfeeding information and troubleshooting tips, in which formula supplementation is not thee DEBIL!

Salt water soaks for sore nipples.  I never heard of such a thing!  Kudos for new tips and things to try.  Now that one didn't do as much for me as my vinegar rinses (it sounds so strange, yet it is soothing)  But the advice to not do two feedings in a row on sore nipples strikes me as spot on.  I can do one feeding a day, about.  Then I get over confident and go for another one and I'm back to the tears and the setbacks.  One feeding, then a pump, and don't over do it.  I'm lucky I pump about two feedings in one sitting though.  Means I can go 6 hours or so between.

Right now I'm mainly dealing with a severe sunburn feeling on the nips and the very painful latch-on, but after that, the pain quickly diminishes to something very tolerable.  I feel like this is normal getting-started kind of discomfort and the thrushiness might actually be going away.  Yay.  We'll see.


  1. I came looking for an update. I hope that the nursing keeps getting better for you!

  2. Very sweet! He just hit his two week growth spurt so he's very intimidating right now! lol But my goal is one feeding on the breast every day and go from there. I'm still able to pump quite a bit, in spite of some pretty egregious supply abuse (going 8 hours between pumps? bad, bad, bad!) We're still working at it and he maybe gets 1 formula bottle a day.

    But I have decided this time to not be too much of a martyr about this. Been there, done that.