Monday, March 14, 2011

In the wee hours...

Last night my little boy was having some sort of tummy trouble, maybe a little constipation, although he was having poopy diapers, he seemed very uncomfortable and was very restless in his sleep.

Now I may be a working mom. I may let someone else (a very wonderful, grandmotherly someone else) look after my boy all day, and his daddy does more than his fair share of holding and caring for the boy in the day time... but he knows who holds him at 3 in the morning and kisses it all better.

That was this morning in the wee hours. Something told me it was time to try the pear juice I've had on hand. He made his face he makes when something besides mama milkies is put in his mouth, but it was like magic. He was instantly settled, stopped whining and fidgeting. I laid him across my chest, put my pandora radio on "Enya" and we slept on the couch tummy to tummy until dawn, quite peacefully. And when I got up with him to change his diaper and laid him on the table he looked up at me like I was his absolute hero. Made me feel 10 feet tall.

My little boy is 4 months old today.

I read this morning of a woman in Japan frantically searching for her 5 year old little boy. Couldn't finish my breakfast after that. What if she never gets to make it all better for her little man, ever again? What if he is somewhere crying for her and scared? Makes me want to go get my little boy and cuddle with him all day on the couch... Hurts my heart...

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